Your Partner

An organization's effectiveness in dealing with a critical incident is directly proportional to each individual's level of confidence and thorough preparedness. Millbrook was built to give our clients the advantage they need. We are not interested in profiting excessively from the business of national and social defense. We want every experience with Millbrook to be an enhancement to the performance and reputation of your organization. We will never do anything to jeopardize that invaluable relationship. We will never put our business ahead of yours.


The promise of quality instruction has two constituents - a dedication to proven principles, and a constant pursuit of improvement. Millbrook's experts are the best in their field, and possess an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience. But our skills are not static. Our experts are at the frontier of their field, in the constant pursuit of innovation and improvement. The result is Millbrook Academy - built on experience and sharpened for the present.


In our line of business, being a professional is more than great competence, it extends to conduct. Our professionals, largely of Special Forces background, conduct themselves with discretion and the highest respect for our clients.


Our business is the provision of training and practice to servicemen and women such that they are prepared to face the dangers of the their work to a safe and positive outcome. Good preparation for this work must be challenging, even stressful, but safe.

Values-Based Leadership of the Industry

We strive for integrity and moral conduct with the same zeal as our reach for skill and competence. This is the promise to do the right thing, and to do it better than anyone else.