Our Experience

The staff and consultants at Millbrook Strategic command a body of experience unparalleled in breadth and depth. 

Our experts are amongst the most experienced and trusted in the world. They have operated in veteran roles in the military and special operations, foreign affairs, national law enforcement, and counter-terrorism. They have been on the front lines in some of the most volatile environments, and in the boardroom guiding some of the toughest decisions. This body of experience and operational network is special, and is at your service.

Millbrook’s advisors do not simply keep up with the state of the art – they define it. Our experts are in the lab and in the field testing, practicing, and refining solutions for complexity in foreign operations. Millbrook’s clients benefit not just from our expert experience, but also the innovation of an active team at the frontier of their field.

Above all, we are the partner of the world’s leading governments, corporations, and institutions operating abroad. We are collaborators and enablers of safe global progress.