When it comes to your organization’s personnel and assets, preparation trumps reaction every time. Millbrook Academy's cutting edge and task-tailored training programs will help your organization mitigate risk, and instill confidence in your team working abroad.

Situational Awareness

Working in an unfamiliar environment is unfamiliar at best and dangerous at worst. Millbrook can give your team the skills they need to work safely and confidently while abroad.

Situational awareness goes far beyond simple step-by-step mental checklists. It’s a perspective that must be developed, and our experienced professionals can speed the development process. Situational awareness is the ability to accurately, quickly, and rationally perceive, comprehend, and project. Our situational awareness training will teach your personnel to determine the context and relevance of events from a unique perspective.

Task-tailored to your operational theatre, Millbrook’s situational awareness training will yield a team less likely to make mistakes in personal or organizational security contexts. 

Hostile Environment Training 

Sound hostile environment training (HET) is the lynchpin for safety and success for any organization operating in high-risk environments. Millbrook's task-tailored HET goes beyond legal minima and truly prepares your personnel for success when things go sideways. 

Personnel of international organizations must often operate in high-risk environments. Risk arises in these environments from a variety of sources, including civil unrest, crime, war, and natural or anthropogenic disasters. Beyond legal due diligence, leading organizations prepare their personnel for possible threats because an unprepared individual is not only a risk to themselves, but to the organization as a whole.

Hostage Survival Training

Capture and kidnapping are an unfortunate reality of our world. However, the probability of a positive outcome in K&R events increases exponentially with proper training.

Kidnapping is amongst the most traumatic of violent events. Loss of control combined with harsh physiological conditions can cause lasting damage to the victim. Preparing organizational personnel for the worst is usually a legal requirement and always a moral imperative. Training can mitigate damage and increase the likelihood of recovery in a kidnapping event.

The value of proper training is not simply anecdotal. Statistics support the value of hostage survival training to the extent that most K&R insurance will offer premium deductions for personnel trained by Millbrook.