Choosing the right preparatory measures can be as important as the preparation itself. Furthermore, testing security infrastructure and contingency planning are essential to sustainable asset protection overseas.

Theatre Assessment

Our experts have the experience necessary to unshade the complexities of your operations abroad.

It is impossibly costly and impractical to train your personnel for every conceivable threat. Furthermore, the landscape of threats is ever changing and is only predictable by a seasoned expert. Familiarity with possible threats in a region is essential to getting the right training to protect your assets abroad. And even beyond training, intimate knowledge with a region’s economic and cultural complexities may be necessary for your organization to achieve success.

Millbrook Strategic's experts have served and worked all over the world and are deeply entrenched in a global network of security professionals. They have not only first-hand experience on nearly every continent, but access to current, relevant information on changes in the security landscape.

Infrastructure Audit

A simple security checklist is not sufficient to keep your assets secure in high-risk environments. Our experts in infrastructure security can shed light on possible vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

It is natural for organizational leaders to procrastinate a thorough vulnerability assessment of their buildings and infrastructure. The tangibility of a security audit can make vulnerabilities and threats seem unpleasantly real. Some executives may fear small up front costs that may be required to protect their assets and personnel, and use an insufficient checklist audit.

This approach is irresponsible and could be extremely costly in the form of a major security event resulting in the damage or theft of assets or endangerment of personnel. Our experts can help to protect your physical infrastructure and operations abroad by exposing vulnerabilities and making recommendations. A thorough security audit will add value not only by avoiding catastrophe, but also by giving your personnel the peace of mind to perform their best.

Task-tailored Preparation

Several groups exist that offer security planning and auditing. We truly believe no other group matches the same depth of experience and information quality required to tailor services exactly to your operational and regional specifications.

All the expertise and preparation in the world is useless if it’s irrelevant to your particular region, industry, and politico-economic context. Moreover, these factors may be in flux and proper preparation requires resources on the ground. Millbrook has the capabilities to tailor services to your project.