There may be no situation more stressful than the one with the potential to require the use of lethal force. Assessments, decisions, and subsequent actions must be immediate. Time to think becomes an unaffordable luxury. The imminent threat of potential loss of life creates an inhuman level of stress. Within one second the heart can race to over two hundred beats-per-minute causing cognition, motor skills and sensory processing to plummet. Mistakes here destroy lives and damage organizational reputations.

The more confident the soldier or law enforcement officer is in their respective tasks, the more likely timely decisions and proportional actions will be made in the pressure of a decisive moment. However, unless our military and law enforcement commanders and operators are trained to plan for such stress, unless they are prepared, unless they are confident in their potential for success, they will never be as effective as they must be. They must be ready for anything.

It is our duty and honour to help provide Canada's security stakeholders with the tactical training they require and deserve to succeed in these extreme conditions. All training is not created equal.