Millbrook’s firearms training is customized for each Client to accommodate his or her unique needs. From entry-level through to advanced skills, we develop programs to achieve the training objectives of the individual, not the class. We consider ourselves successful when all our trainees leave Millbrook improved for the time and effort.

Realistic firearms training is, in our opinion, not only the skills foundation for a soldier or law enforcement officer – it's the linchpin for tactical training excellence. Committing to first-class relevant training promotes a spirit of constant improvement that enhances your organization’s entire culture. The bar is raised, and the "good enough" attitude starts to disappear.  Perhaps some think their traditional institutionalized firearms training is good enough. "We've never had a problem before, so why change?". Perhaps there are other reasons. At Millbrook, our firearms training programs are based on the corporate lessons learned from our instructors' experiences. Theory has no place in our program unless it has been validated in the field. We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn't.

Firearms training is the backbone of the skill-set we provide. Weapon confidence is the most reliable advantage any soldier or law enforcement officer can have and the best way to avoid excessive lethal force issues. Weapon confidence saves lives.

Some of our firearms programs:

  • Pistol Operator 
  • Shotgun Operator
  • Carbine Operator
  • Machine Gun Operator
  • Marksman
  • Sniper
  • Submachine Gun Operator
  • Instructor Development