Millbrook Mobility operates a 324 hectare tactical driver training facility in Dunnville, Ontario. Affectionately called “The Airport,” our facility has all of the features and extras needed to offer world-class driver instruction. From barracks to berms, The Airport is the perfect place to hone your teams’ driving skills.

The Airport

We have four hangars dedicated to Millbrook Mobility. From mechanical to accommodations, we're equipped to offer world-class tactical driver training. 

We have purpose-built barracks to accommodate teams of up to 18. All-new bunks will provide a good night’s rest and the well-equipped common room is the perfect setting for relaxing as a team after a long day on the track. The barracks also feature a fully equipped and spacious kitchen. Teams can choose to prepare meals on-site for cost savings and convenience.

The hangars also feature a classroom for concept and theory instruction. The classroom contains everything you would expect to find in a school: chairs, desks, whiteboard, and projection screen. There are also some things you wouldn’t find in a school, such as a gear room full of driving helmets and protection gear.

One of the hangars functions as our garage. But it’s not just a place to park our training vehicles. This hangar is a well-equipped mechanic shop, allowing us to have to constantly maintain our vehicles in optimum condition for your driving course.


The Tarmac

The tarmac at Dunnville is the best tactical driver training track in Canada.

Fittingly, our training track is called The Tarmac. There are two aspects to The Tarmac, the runways and the racetrack. The runways allow for training at speed, while the tight-turning racetrack is perfect for urban driving simulation. We’re not the first organization to use The Tarmac for automobiles. The Discovery Channel hit “Canada’s Worst Driver” was filmed here two years in a row. We’ve resurfaced the pavement in its entirety and are now ready to start training Canada’s Most Elite Drivers.

The Tarmac is more than just pavement. Many corners of the track are reinforced with high dirt berms for added safety when cornering at speed. One portion of the track is dedicated to urban driving scenarios, complete with structures and concealment to maximize training realism and therefore efficacy.

We offer training on unimproved terrain as well. The dirt course will hone the skills of your team’s drivers on dirt and loose gravel.