Driver Training

Millbrook Mobility offers a comprehensive suite of tactical driver training. All of our programs are based on detailed analysis of actual attacks and pursuits worldwide. From our introductory emergency response course to the challenging advanced tactical course, our programs will yield significant advantage in critical situations.

Basic Driving Emergency Response

They say that remaining calm is the most crucial part of emergency response. At Millbrook, we agree, and we know the key to collectedness is confidence in one's competence behind the wheel.

Group Driving

Convoy and motorcade operations are essential aspects of tactical driving. Millbrook Mobility will ensure your team is operating as a unit at home and abroad.

Advanced Tactics & Evasive

You don't want to have any doubts in your team's skills during a critical event. Especially a critical event involving a five thousand pound cage of steel travelling one-hundred-fifty kilometres an hour.

Ambush & Counter Attack Team

Even with the best route planning and preparation, vehicular attacks and ambushes are a reality of operating in high-risk environments. When trouble comes, your team must defend itself and get to safety. We'll teach you how.


No matter which side of the operation you're on, a thorough knowledge of stationary and mobile vehicle surveillance is important. Millbrook Mobility will teach you cutting edge surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques.