Crisis Support

Conflict and kidnappings are a reality of working in high-risk environments. In the event of a crisis involving your personnel or their dependents, Millbrook’s professionals and their networks can help maximize the probability of a positive outcome and successful reintegration.

Kidnap Negotiation

In hostage negotiation, only a third-party can remain truly unbiased by international policy and law. Millbrook Strategic's experienced negotiation experts will remain focused on the safe recovery of your personnel, and, secondarily, on avoiding financial ruin.

There are few events more emotional, more complex, and more dangerous than a kidnapping. Extreme pressure is placed on the family, the organization, government, and above all, the negotiator. It is imperative to remain rational and calm in the face of crisis, however, to avoid mistakes in communicating with unstable hostage-takers.

Your strongest asset in the face of a kidnapping crisis is a strong negotiation team. Millbrook’s professionals and contacts represent the world’s leading experts in negotiating with both ransom and non-monetary motivated kidnappers. 

Recovery and Beyond

Post-recovery psychology is delicate, difficult, and absolutely essential. Our experts are at the cutting edge of the field, and are there to help kidnapping victims get back to normal.

The emotional intensity on a kidnapping survivor cannot be overstated. In the fragile months following victim recovery, the second-best counseling simply will not do. Millbrook Strategic employs leading professionals in physiological and psychological treatment of kidnapping survivors.