About Us

Millbrook was established to give our clients the advantage they need in critical situations.

Millbrook Tactical Inc. SOF centric equipment integration distributor. Our world-class sales team are at the top of their field, and at your service.

From our showroom in Ottawa, Ontario, we are proud to offer SOF centric tactical apparel and equipment ranging from outdoor apparel, soft & hard armour, to electro-optics and weapons accessories. Some of our product lines include L3 Warrior Systems, Wilcox Industries, Arc'teryx LEAF, Ops Core and Juggernaut Defense.

Millbrook Academy Inc. offers high-risk environment preparedness services that span the full experience of operating abroad. We can help you plan for operating in a high-risk environment with theatre assessments, red-cell operations, and policy consulting. We can help train your personnel for work in high-risk environments with courses such as hostile environment training and hostage survival training. Finally, we can support you while operating abroad with a full suite of crisis support and denouement services.

Our world class instructors offer a wide range of tactical training to law enforcement and armed forces organizations. Our firearms training suite covers the full spectrum of firearm usage, from pistol to sniper. Our tactical training suite is just as complete, covering close protection to counter attack team operations.

Millbrook Mobility extends the Millbrook training experience to the roads. Our courses can help hone your personnel's skills to better prepare them for any emergency while travelling in dangerous operating environments. Courses range from basic driving emergency responses to motorcade operations.